The Cruise Control

The Cruise control is our daily driver log. It can be ridden in a wide range of conditions whilst still retaining a traditional feel. A proven rocker line combined with a well proportioned template to create a refined balance between trim speed and turning agility. The blended nose concave enhances stability whilst on the nose and provides an ideal platform for stylish footwork. Medium volume 50/50 rails and well defined tail hips complete this user-friendly board. The Pintail version loosens the board up further and is a perfect option for bigger waves.

Available in: 9' 2" | 9'4" | 9'6" | Squashtail or Pintail
Typical Dimensions: 9' 6" x 23" x 3" [nose: 18" tail: 16¼"]

** coming soon **

A model we've been working on with Matt Travis, a transitional era pig with plenty of roll through-out for shredding ability of the nose and tail in a wide range of conditions.

The slip stream

The Slipstream is our model for the lighter rider being easier to handle out in the surf. Plenty of roll and a fine rail profile enables an effortless turn even from a central trim position. Stability is inherent for that stroll to the nose.

Available in: 9' 0" | 9'2" | 9'4" | Squashtail
Typical Dimensions: 9'2" x 22½" x 2¾" [nose: 17¾" tail: 15¾"]

The O/S noserider

A straight-up noseriding log. If you want to hang ten all day long this is the board for you. This parallel railed slider has been designed as the ultimate nose riding vehicle. Derived from the refined nose riding shapes of the mid to late 60’s, this board features pinched 50/50 rails, subtle roll, a deep nose concave and plenty of tail kick. 

Available in: 9' 2" | 9'4" | 9'6" | Squaretail
Typical Dimensions: 9' 6" x 23¼" x 3¼" [nose: 18½" tail: 16½"]

midlengths & fishes

The Flow

A super versatile board that can do it all with speed and flow. Low rocker line, displacement hull entry and roll blend to a finely tuned spiral vee into the tail. This board is fast and responsive in equal measures, perfect so single fin shredding.

Available in: 6'8" | 6'10" | 7'0" | Square tail

Typical Dimensions 6'10" x 20¾" x 2¾" [nose: 16¼" tail: 15"]

The Foil

A single fin designed for fluid, stylish surfing.Influenced by the “Pocket Rockets” of the 70s. A full rounded pintail, modern rail shape and low rocker produce a fast fluid ride, with plenty of wave catching ability. Fun in all conditions, the foil delivers a whole lot of soul. 

Available in: 7'2" | 7'4" | 7'6" | Rounded pin-tail

Typical Dimensions 7'6" x 21¾" x 2¾" [nose: 16½" tail: 15"]

The keel fish

Developed over the 2016/2017 winter our Traditional Keel Fish is destined to delight traditionalists. Nose and tail width ensure increased volume and a beautiful outline template. Rocker lines are kept low for maximum glide and wave catching ability.
5" wooden glass-on keel fins give drive and control.

Available in: 5'4" - 6'0" | swallow tail

Typical Dimensions 5'10" x 20 15/16" x 2 5/8"  [nose: 16½" tail: 16¾"]

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