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"hand-shaping is critical to the evolution of the surfboard. It has been passed down from generation to generation... Hand-shaping really is the soul of the surfboard and in many ways the soul of surfing itself.
It will be a sad day if the hand-shaped surfboard ever goes away."
— Greg Noll

Colm Doyle


Photo @ronanod111

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out and surfing with this young man when he travelled from his home in Cork, Ireland to collect his new log. Colm is 18 years old and already a well rounded stylist. He really impressed me with his fluidity and repertoire of moves.

Slide 65 welcomes him and I personally look forward to watching his surfing career develop. His enthusiasm and drive to improve and hone his skills is infectious and I have little doubt he has the capacity to reach the pinnacle of traditional surfing.

Simply turn on your Cruise Control


photo by Robert van der Heide

Cruise Control – the quest for perfection


Josh Daniel tests some minor tweaks to our best selling Cruise Control model

New Keel Fish for Marsh


Happy Birthday Marsh. Hope this Keel Fish flies for you!


Logging time. Team riders Josh, Maisie and Rich



You know you want some, top quality and hot off the press, 50 pence each.

Stylish Pick-Up


Local legend and all-round nice guy Chris Ryan collected his Cruise Control Pintail in style in his ’67 Pontiac this week.

Remember this?

What do you mean, you weren’t born then…

D time…


Summer is just around the corner. ‪#‎sennensurfco‬ ‪#‎slide65classicpig‬


We are very excited to receive our new shipment of fins. Specially made for us by Rainbow Fin Company in California. Hand foiled to our spec.
Ultimate hold for nose riding with a nice loose pivoty turn from the tail. Full gloss finish. Fin box and glass-on variants available. Standard on our Old Skool Noserider and Cruise Control model.
They are now in stock and available to purchase either e-mail me rob@slide65.com or visit Sennen Surf Co.
RAINBOW 10.25″ £ 85.00
Only available in blood red.