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"hand-shaping is critical to the evolution of the surfboard. It has been passed down from generation to generation... Hand-shaping really is the soul of the surfboard and in many ways the soul of surfing itself.
It will be a sad day if the hand-shaped surfboard ever goes away."
— Greg Noll

The living curl

We are stocking the classic and original film ‘the Living Curl’ by Jamie Budge. We are the only place in the UK that stocks this dvd. Check the logshop for more details.

Filmed in 8mm. This early classic features previously unseen footage of Miki Dora, Johnny Fain, David Nuuhiwa and more… all in their prime. Filmed in California.

In the early sixties, it was all brand new… nose rides, curl rides, surf safaris, surfer girls and… surf stars! Jamie Budge started a new career filming his favorites.

Featuring Miki Dora, Johnny Fain, Lance Carson, Dewey Weber, Harold Iggy, Mike Doyle, Rusty Miller, John Peck, Mark Martinson, Corky Carroll, David Nuuhiwa and more.

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